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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hot Water At All Times

MATAHARI Solar Hot Water Systems is a locally manufactured hot water system that is designed to absorb heat and produce hot water anytime, anywhere.

Matahari’s hot water system is a unique product that enhances the quality of life for you, your family and businesses. It's reliable, affordable and convenient for all to use.

Matahari's primary expertise is in the extensive research and development of the product.

It has come up with a hot water system that specifically caters to the demands of the public, be it at home or at work.

Its aim is to equip homes and businesses with clean, hot water sourced from the sun.

Matahari delivers convenience and comfort to consumers who require hassle-free access to hot water on-demand.

With leading-edge technology incorporated in this product, Matahari's Solar Hot Water Systems guarantee value-for-money products.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Hot Water In Any Weather

THE Microsolar M8OVTHE water heater each provides up to 360 litres of hot water per day even on overcast days.

The Microsolar is a stand-alone system that does not require any circulation pump or electricity backup heating, contains no chemicals, and is frost-free. It delivers the highest temperature of any thermosyphon solar heater in the world and similarly the lowest cost per kilocalorie.

The unique high efficiency design of the Microsolar Patent stems from its 30 multivalve two-inch diameter vertical connections from the collector panel to the storage tank.

The Microsolar vertical free flow Coaxial multivalve system enables it, for instance, to heat 270 litres of water from 1O'C up to unprecedented maximum temperatures of 100"C (boiling point) within six hours of full sunshine.

The Microsolar now comes with a pressurised indirect heating copper twin coil heat exchanger for durability and sediment resistant low maintenance, using the latest robotic tungsten argon gas welding stainless steel 304 hot water storage tanks, mirror finish 304 stainless steel concentrating parabolic reflectors, 60mm high pressure injected polyurethane foam insulation, and high temperature borosilicate evacuated glass vacuum tubes measuring 58mm x 1800mm.


Monday, May 14, 2007

Free Power From The Sun

SUMMER is the most advanced solar heater system produced in Malaysia.

It is the only Malaysian-made solar heater with two types of heating - direct and indirect heating system.

Its latest product is the exclusive Summer TX Indirect Heating system.

Adopting the ultimate German technology, the heater is the fastest heating system currently available.

Summer TX, a titanium vacuum coating solar collector is a highly selective absorber with very high performance rate.

The distinctive properties arc the extremely low thermal emittance (less than 5%) and the high solar absorbance (more than 95%) to achieve high temperatures in summer systems.

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Let Light In, Keep UV Out

SITTING in your living room but still feel the sun's scorching heat on your skin? Put an end to the problem with protective glass coating.

Most people thought staying indoors would protect them from the harmful UV rays of the sun. But do you know that the sun's UV rays can still hit through your home or office's windows?

KristalBond is the latest in solar protection technology that is seamlessly applied to all windows, even curved glass, at room temperature, while allowing high levels of light transmission.

Being able to cut out 99% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays and 90% of heat producing infrared rays, KristalBond is a clear, colourless liquid layer that bonds permanently to glass' surfaces via breakthrough ultra-low temperature Sol-Gel technology and nanontechnology.

It has minimal effect on light transmission and does not distort or tint the original glass specifications, as the coating, in its standard form, is clear, non-reflective and colourless.

Fear not that it will deteriorate in time, as KristalBond comes with a IO-year warranty against peeling, bubbling and delaminating, for glass building applications.

A Japanese creation, KristalBond is a hitech and cost effective solution to conserve energy by reducing excessive heat penetration and build-up in buildings; reduce fading to interior embellishments; and shield occupants from health risks associated with the sun's rays.

It is an ideal solution for natural daylight harvesting of today's green-conscious architecture.

KristalBond is applicable to glass windows, facades and domes in the construction of new buildings, as well as in the refurbishment of existing premises.

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