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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Perfection From The Start

LUMBER Mart is an all-round timber flooring expert.

Its primary objective is to address all aspects of timber flooring right from the sourcing of the wood to customised installation.

The emphasis is on providing a one-stop solution to cater to varied timber flooring requirements.

Lumber Mart believes in offering an integrated approach that includes a process that achieves high quality standards: sourcing for the finest wood available, precision manufacturing, varied installation techniques as well as post installation maintenance.

Lumber Mart has an exclusive collaboration with Bcna, the world's leading manufacturer of sanding equipment and floor finishes.

This ensures first access to the latest tools and equipment as well as the benefit of continuous R&D and technical training.


Stable, Strong And Smooth Timber Flooring

Offering close to 20 types of first-grade timbers with impeccable quality, you can now create a tropical-styled home that exudes warmth and elegance.

At an affordable price range, beautiful solid timber flooring is now possible for everyone to have, to make sure the wood fits, helpful consultants will look into these factors:

  • Location for installation - indoor or outdoor, ground or upper floors, bedrooms, kitchen or high traffic areas.
  • Type and condition of the existing sub-floor, whether the present floor is still strong and level.
  • Selection of timber - different species and densities, colour and grain.
  • Pattern and laying direction - longest walkway, or diagonal, herring bone, etc.
  • Installation method – direct laying on existing sub-floor, floating system, timber, batten system, timber batten system with infill, etc.

Rest assured that timber is kiln-dried for the Malaysian climate and the end results are stable, strong and smooth wooden flooring that last for generations. There are no hidden costs and wood is directly imported minus the middlemen.

They even offer free timber storage of up to six months with insurance coverage as well.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lumber Mart The Preferres Choice

AS we step into a home, the first point of contract we make is the floor. With timber flooring, your floors are comfortable, safe, durable and easy to maintain.

There are four main methods of timber flooring installation.

The Direct on Screed Method, which fasten timber directly onto the floor and nailing it from the material.

The Plywood Method requires timber to be fasten onto wooden plank and nailed from the side commonly known as "secret nailing".

Thirs is the Cement Board Method, which is similar to the plywood method but pricier.

However, all these three mothods have numerous disadvantages, as some are susceptible to termites.

Lumber Mart deploys the most advance and preferred methods called the Ventilated Batten System and the Insulated Batten System. Both offer the ultimate protection in termite resistance and minimising moisture spreading.

Also, an exclusive tie-up with Bona, the revolutionary Swedish company that provides total solution to wooden flooring treatment, assures you of the high quality and stunning finish to your timber flooring.

With Lumber Mart timber flooring, you get permanently fixed timber flooring that does not squeak, comfortable and perfectly even.

No danger of termites, does not promote moisture spreading, is decay resistant and more importantly, does not break your budget!