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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Organise With Tiscali

IS YOUR kitchen often in a state of disarray with trays, baskets and chopping boards left in the sink, and everywhere else? Do you need help organising your kitchen utensils without burning a here in your pocket?

If so, then you need a new Tiscali multipurpose stainless steel sink.

Tiscali is proud to present three new stainless steel sinks: the Bangke, EFA and EPA.

Now, you can have proper storage space for everything you need around the sink, for a neat and tidy kitchen.

The Bangke and EFA sinks come with a unique surface that is oil-stain-free, easy to clean and has high scratch resistance.

The Bangke sink also comes with accessories such as a hanging basket, water filter, defrost board, chopping board and double-layer drainage to ensure a less chaotic environment in the kitchen.

Besides sinks, Tiscali also offers a wide range of cooker hoods and gas stoves.


Staying Cool All Year Round

IT doesn't matter what type of house you live in, indoor heat is becoming unbearable.

Is there a way to keep your house cooler? Yes indeed! Home Comfort Cellulose Fibre Insulation (CFI) is your ultimate solution to curb indoor heat.

With more than 60 years of proven track record, this insulation helps lower your home utility bills, extend the life of your cooling equipment and of course, create a more comfortable home.

A well insulated home can help you save up to 40% on power costs. However, home-owners should be more careful when choosing insulation. Besides having high insulating qualities, a good insulation has to be environmentally safe, non-irritant, nontoxic, noise absorbent and resistant to flames, mildews, pests and vermin.

Home Comfort CFI is made of lightweight material and is easily installed in every corner of your home and hard-to-reach roof corners - providing an effective "blanket cover" without gaps. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee!


Perfection From The Start

LUMBER Mart is an all-round timber flooring expert.

Its primary objective is to address all aspects of timber flooring right from the sourcing of the wood to customised installation.

The emphasis is on providing a one-stop solution to cater to varied timber flooring requirements.

Lumber Mart believes in offering an integrated approach that includes a process that achieves high quality standards: sourcing for the finest wood available, precision manufacturing, varied installation techniques as well as post installation maintenance.

Lumber Mart has an exclusive collaboration with Bcna, the world's leading manufacturer of sanding equipment and floor finishes.

This ensures first access to the latest tools and equipment as well as the benefit of continuous R&D and technical training.


Safe And Secure Environment

HAVING an automatic gate system saves you the trouble of opening the gate, especially when it's raining. But are you getting the best?

Tired of getting out of the car to open your front gate when you reach home?

Behold the latest state-of-the-art automatic gate system - the WM LIFT II Swing Gate Mechanism, which uses electronic control and is as silent as ever. Mounted above the ground, the system is water and corrosion resistant, and halts the moment it detects an obstacle - especially important for households with small kids.

The WM LIFT II comes with a four-channel transmitter so you can open either or both sides of your gate. It comes with an optional wireless panic alarm too.

For a limited period only West Mark Alarm & Automation Sdn Bhd is offering a FREE wireless panic alarm for every automatic swing gate purchased.

The transmitter's safety feature Prevents duplication by locksmiths and can be activated from the car. West Mark also specialises in sliding gates, burglar alarms, boom gates, card access system, CCTV, wrought iron gates, grilles, staircases and balustrades.


Hot Water At All Times

MATAHARI Solar Hot Water Systems is a locally manufactured hot water system that is designed to absorb heat and produce hot water anytime, anywhere.

Matahari’s hot water system is a unique product that enhances the quality of life for you, your family and businesses. It's reliable, affordable and convenient for all to use.

Matahari's primary expertise is in the extensive research and development of the product.

It has come up with a hot water system that specifically caters to the demands of the public, be it at home or at work.

Its aim is to equip homes and businesses with clean, hot water sourced from the sun.

Matahari delivers convenience and comfort to consumers who require hassle-free access to hot water on-demand.

With leading-edge technology incorporated in this product, Matahari's Solar Hot Water Systems guarantee value-for-money products.


Stylish Themes

Customers will be captivated by the elegant designs of the White series.

Choose from the Classical, White or Bakers series

THE long awaited White and Bakers series are here - only at Fella Design's Jalan Ampang branch. The newly opened outlet along Jalan Ampang offers the latest furniture designs - Classical, White and Bakers series.

The White and Bakers series are made from beach wood and tropical wood carved into sophisticated bedroom, living room and dining furniture. However, the White and Bakers series are only available at Fella Design's Jalan Ampang branch.

Customers will be spoilt for choice at Fella Design as they provide a wide range of quality fabrics imported from China, Indonesia, Philippines and others. With over 1200 Tessitura and 600 Jacquard fabric designs to choose from, customers are able to handpick their choice of fabric to adorn their custom-made sofa.

Planning to change the colour of your curtains? Fella Design's curtain package will be perfect! Each package includes an option of an aluminium curtain track or a single wooden rod. It also comes with on-site measurement and installation services.

Fella Design is one of the leading furniture manufacturers in Malaysia with 20 years of retail experience under its belt. All of its products are of export quality, successfully exported to places such as the Middle East, Australia and other Asian countries.

There's so much to see at Fella Design - floral sofas, armchairs, wing chairs, dining tables, chandeliers, wall lights and even oil paintings!

The White series dining furniture.


The Making Of Grand Entrances

FOR a comprehensive range of aluminium doors and windows, look no further than Mirage Home. Offering advanced German technology on its systems, customers can rest assured of quality.

Its range includes the Roto and Shuco from Germany for side-hung, sliding and folding doors, as well as bay, top-hung, 90 degrees fixed, slideup and curved glass windows.

All its fittings and accessories are fully imported, and homeowners don't have to worry about security as there is a special designed multi-locking system.

Mirage Home also offers warranties: 20 years for paint, five to 10 years for fitting and accessories. Its doors and windows have a natural teak impression that will blend nicely into your Balinese or tropical-inspired home.

The two types of coating provided (wood coat and special powder coat) makes the doors and windows suitable for all interior concepts, be it modern, millennium or contemporary.

The two-layer wood coat imposes a wood grain finishing on aluminium parts with the use of Italian technology. The folding doors feature the company's heavy-duty rollers, door hinges and concealed locks


Stable, Strong And Smooth Timber Flooring

Offering close to 20 types of first-grade timbers with impeccable quality, you can now create a tropical-styled home that exudes warmth and elegance.

At an affordable price range, beautiful solid timber flooring is now possible for everyone to have, to make sure the wood fits, helpful consultants will look into these factors:

  • Location for installation - indoor or outdoor, ground or upper floors, bedrooms, kitchen or high traffic areas.
  • Type and condition of the existing sub-floor, whether the present floor is still strong and level.
  • Selection of timber - different species and densities, colour and grain.
  • Pattern and laying direction - longest walkway, or diagonal, herring bone, etc.
  • Installation method – direct laying on existing sub-floor, floating system, timber, batten system, timber batten system with infill, etc.

Rest assured that timber is kiln-dried for the Malaysian climate and the end results are stable, strong and smooth wooden flooring that last for generations. There are no hidden costs and wood is directly imported minus the middlemen.

They even offer free timber storage of up to six months with insurance coverage as well.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Hot Water In Any Weather

THE Microsolar M8OVTHE water heater each provides up to 360 litres of hot water per day even on overcast days.

The Microsolar is a stand-alone system that does not require any circulation pump or electricity backup heating, contains no chemicals, and is frost-free. It delivers the highest temperature of any thermosyphon solar heater in the world and similarly the lowest cost per kilocalorie.

The unique high efficiency design of the Microsolar Patent stems from its 30 multivalve two-inch diameter vertical connections from the collector panel to the storage tank.

The Microsolar vertical free flow Coaxial multivalve system enables it, for instance, to heat 270 litres of water from 1O'C up to unprecedented maximum temperatures of 100"C (boiling point) within six hours of full sunshine.

The Microsolar now comes with a pressurised indirect heating copper twin coil heat exchanger for durability and sediment resistant low maintenance, using the latest robotic tungsten argon gas welding stainless steel 304 hot water storage tanks, mirror finish 304 stainless steel concentrating parabolic reflectors, 60mm high pressure injected polyurethane foam insulation, and high temperature borosilicate evacuated glass vacuum tubes measuring 58mm x 1800mm.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Breath Of Fresh Air

BATHROOM ventilators are essential necessities in today's energy efficient homes. Airtight homes retain stale air and pollutants that can actually cause health problems.

Accumulation of indoor pollutants such as moulds, pollen, viruses and bacteria can be harmful to people especially those suffering from asthma and allergies.

Condensation is another perennial problem that eventually destroys physical structures such as wood panels and even doors and ultimately leaves a "decaying" odour in the bathroom. Say "no" to stuffy and humid bathroom today!

AireGard ventilators are designed with a ducting feature to physically extract foul air (imagine toilet sharing!) and drain them out from the building.

AireGard ventilators are ceiling-mounted, easy to install, powerful, compact, contemporarily aesthetic and made according to strict US standards (UL and SIRIM approved) and quality.

For a breath of fresh air, AireGard offers one of the most compelling ventilation solutions for your bathroom today.


Air Like Nature Made It

ARE you allergic to airborne pollutants? Get an effective air purifier today and zap away those sneezy moments.

The world's first air purifier with bacteria and virus nano-ferite filter using state-of-the-art Japanese technology is here! Its four layers of filtration system helps capture a myriad of particles from dust and pet hair to highly minute ones via its in-built prefilter, biofibre and nano-ferite filter.

On top of that, its ion exchanger / deodoriser filter aids in zapping unpleasant smells, while its high performance anti-bacteria and coulomb HELP filter makes sure unwanted, health hazardous particles are removed, with a high level of efficiency.

Other outstanding features in the product include an in-built inverter control for energy saving; intelligent dirt sensor; multi-function remote control; timer control (for two hours or four hours "off" mode); filter replacement indicator; panel lights dimmer; and an effective coverage area of up to 350 sq ft!

The better part is that it's suitable for homes, offices, hotel rooms, hospitals and even clinics!


As Pure As It Gets


Water is filtered with Granular Activated Carbon

WE all have heard it before: environmental incidents and disasters can cause water contamination - resulting in water with high levels of ammonia content and a loathsome foul smell that annoys our senses.

In view of the frequency and severity of such incidents, which may result in detrimental health consequences, we should seriously consider taking additional measures necessary for better-treated water. One simple and cost effective way to curb the problem is to invest in an effective water filtration system that contains Granular Activated Carbon.

Water Filters and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Activated carbon is one of the best tools, which can be used to reduce health risks and provide an aesthetically pleasing water supply at reasonable cost.

Activated carbon has a natural affinity for organic pollutants like benzene and volatile organic chemicals (VOC), which bind to its surface, in a process call "adsorption".

By steaming activated carbon at 1,8O0~C, it forms little pores and pockets that increases its surface area, Pesticides, chloroform, and other contaminants then slide into the holes of these honeycomb-like carbon surface are trapped, hence rid the water of undesirable contaminants.

Water filters containing Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) helps remove VOC, pesticides and herbicides, trihalomethane compounds, radon, solvents and other man-made chemicals found in tap water.

These organics react with disinfectants, especially chlorine, and cause the formation of disinfection-by-products (DBP), DBP's are often carcinogenic (cancer causing) and therefore produces highly unwanted substances. The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that VOCs are present in one-fifth of municipal water supplies, which enters ground water from a variety of sources.

Because little is known about the additive effects of these chemicals, special attention should be paid to detecting and eliminating VOC sources if two or more chemicals are found in the water.

Sources of VOC contamination should be eliminated if possible. In addition to pollutants like VGCs and DBPs, activated carbon is also effective in removing foul taste, smell, odour and colour of treated water supply.

Water filters with Granulated Activated Carbon can be installed for point-of-use (P.O.U.) treatment at the faucet, or point-of-entry (P.O.E.) treatment where water enters the home, P,O.E, Whole House Water Filter Systems are also recommended for MOO removal to ensure that water used for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathing is contamination free.


Design It Your Way

The gate designs are made according to a customer's preferences.

Personalised Designs For The Main Gates, Doors, Balconies, And Grilles

THE company CSA Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd, focuses on consistently giving its customers something special in customized designs.

CSA Marketing started the trend of combining Chengal timber and aluminium alloy/wrought iron for a more modern range of designs. Depending on the customer's preferences for design and budget, the design concepts are worked out according to the customer's requests.

Want an embossed Chinese character or imprint of family initials on your main gate? Whatever your idea is, CSA Marketing can work something towards your satisfaction.

The company is innovative and comes up with personalised designs for main gates, doors, balconies, and grilles. Minor workmanship can even be done on furniture if requested.

The Cubicmetal concept has been incorporated for a few years already and the range speaks of durability, style versatility and class!

All of the Cubicmetal series arc crafted to precision, some even with 3-D effects to showcase the fine artwork even more clearly. The Rural Charm is the latest range from CSA Marketing that incorporates the unique essence of rural charm while maintaining a contemporary touch.

Much attention is paid to details, and customers speak highly of professional services that keep their peace of mind.

In addition to that, gate-damage insurance is issued to all its customers and is valid for one year.

Prices start from RM3, 000 and all price quotes cover installation as well.

Attention is given to design details in this Cubicmetal series.

An attractive lamp holder like this is just one of the many creations bu C.S. Alloy Design.

The trendy Cubicmental series also complement nature in a modern home.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Free Power From The Sun

SUMMER is the most advanced solar heater system produced in Malaysia.

It is the only Malaysian-made solar heater with two types of heating - direct and indirect heating system.

Its latest product is the exclusive Summer TX Indirect Heating system.

Adopting the ultimate German technology, the heater is the fastest heating system currently available.

Summer TX, a titanium vacuum coating solar collector is a highly selective absorber with very high performance rate.

The distinctive properties arc the extremely low thermal emittance (less than 5%) and the high solar absorbance (more than 95%) to achieve high temperatures in summer systems.

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Enjoy Good Night Sleep With Comfort

GET a sound night's sleep with the latest in sleep technology - and wake up feeling refreshed!

The world today strives for quality of life especially when it comes to relaxing, and sleeping well is most essential to feeling your best the next day.

Waking up refreshed and energised after a good night's sleep not only gives you a positive outlook in life; but also improves your family relationships and productivity at work.

None other does that better than Comfort Spring!

Comfort Spring's products are constantly innovated, reinvented and revolutionised to optimise the balance between pressure and posture to provide you the best quality sleep you can afford.

At the heart of each Comfort Spring mattress is a patented 2.4mm heat-treated High Tensile Wire

that forms the unique "Bonnell" Coil, which has been tried and tested for over 30 years.

They are 20% thicker than the industry average with a rating of 2.0 mm for firmer support.

All Comfort Spring mattresses are well supported by an Edge Band and Stabiliser Support System

for greater support and wider sleeping surface.

Each product comes with a layer of Super Soft High-Density Foam to provide instant support, comfort and lasting durability.

A good night's sleep is no longer a dream – just fall asleep on a Comfort Spring mattress!


Let Light In, Keep UV Out

SITTING in your living room but still feel the sun's scorching heat on your skin? Put an end to the problem with protective glass coating.

Most people thought staying indoors would protect them from the harmful UV rays of the sun. But do you know that the sun's UV rays can still hit through your home or office's windows?

KristalBond is the latest in solar protection technology that is seamlessly applied to all windows, even curved glass, at room temperature, while allowing high levels of light transmission.

Being able to cut out 99% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays and 90% of heat producing infrared rays, KristalBond is a clear, colourless liquid layer that bonds permanently to glass' surfaces via breakthrough ultra-low temperature Sol-Gel technology and nanontechnology.

It has minimal effect on light transmission and does not distort or tint the original glass specifications, as the coating, in its standard form, is clear, non-reflective and colourless.

Fear not that it will deteriorate in time, as KristalBond comes with a IO-year warranty against peeling, bubbling and delaminating, for glass building applications.

A Japanese creation, KristalBond is a hitech and cost effective solution to conserve energy by reducing excessive heat penetration and build-up in buildings; reduce fading to interior embellishments; and shield occupants from health risks associated with the sun's rays.

It is an ideal solution for natural daylight harvesting of today's green-conscious architecture.

KristalBond is applicable to glass windows, facades and domes in the construction of new buildings, as well as in the refurbishment of existing premises.

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Mix-And-Match Roofing System

IN order to meet market demands, Delux has introduced a wide range of polycarbonate skylight that are available in different structures such as Mild Steel, Galvanize Steel, Wrought Iron, Stainless Steel and wood structure.

Delux offers stainless steel screws and stainless steel washers to prevent the joining screw from getting rusty.

It is also proud to launch a new range of polycarbonate that is able to provide 30% to 50% more heat reduction than the normal polycarbonate.

Customers can select the style and structure that they like to match with different coloured polycarbonate sheets.

If you prefer a tropical style, the Balinese-style Pergolas uses tropical hardwood (Chengal and Resak), which is long lasting. Delux roofing system comes with a one-year leak warranty.

Homeowners can view the products at Jusco Home Centre in One Utama, Petaling Jaya, I01 Mall Showroom (beside Reject Shop), or One Utama Shopping Centre (old wing).


Keeping Pests At Bay

HomeSeal magnetic screens allow free flow of air into the home and are easy to clean.

Just stick screens on grilles and window frames

MOSQUITOES and pesky insects may pose a threat to our health and wellbeing. It is best to keep them outside our homes. To do this, you can choose from a wide range of insect screens ranging from the conventional aluminium types to the more up-market roller and magnetic screens.

Aesthetics and functionality are key considerations besides pricing.

There are homeowners who would rather put up with noxious smoke from mosquito coils, chemical sprays and closed windows than ruin their home decor with unsightly frames and bulky protrusions of the conventional aluminium screen system.

Roller screens can be troublesome at times, due to the mechanism involved.

The magnetic insect screen on the other hand is a simple contraption that is easy to use and maintain.

It is almost invisible to the eyes when the screen is mounted unobtrusively to the grille or window frame.

This innovative insect screening system was introduced by HomeSeal Marketing ten years ago.

To date, they still specialise in this system with the aim of maintaining market leadership in this segment.

HomeSeal magnetic insect screens make use of magnetic strips - about 12mm wide and 1.5mm thick with adhesives, to stick on grilles and window frames.

A similar strip frames the screen which then allows for a snapback action to ensure a perfect fit. The screen is made of fibreglass mesh that is non-combustible, ultra-violet stabilised and rot and stain proof.

Unlike conventional aluminium screens which are dust and air traps, HomeSeal magnetic screens allow free flow of air into the home and are easy to clean.

Just dislodge the light screen, wipe with a damp cloth or flush with water and then wipe dry and put back into place.

Every screen is tailor-made for windows or doors, with a choice of colours to match your home decor. All gaps will be covered at no extra charge to ensure a complete seal.

Being the pioneer of magnetic insect screen with a ten-year presence, HomeSeal is confident of satisfying customers - quality and service expectations. The five-year warranty they provide should give customers peace of mind.

Each customer will receive a warranty card with instructions on the upkeep of screens and a bottle of screen care solvent to maintain screens in good condition.


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Visually Appealing

There are three entrances to the house, this one is through the front garden which takes visitors to the pool directly. Notice the long private wall which shields the house from view, coupled with the cluster of bamboo which adds an oriental ambience to the place.

An L-shaped home built beside a pool

A thick greyish white stone wall blocks the two-and-a-half storey house from view. It is a deliberate move on the part of the architects, to create the wow! Factor later on. Walk past the wall. An abundance of water features and bamboo clusters usher the visitor into the glass foyer area. Here a traditional Thai percussion instrument from Phuket gives a foretaste of what is to come.

An eclectic mix of oriental and tropical design, this home in Damansara Indah Resort Homes is among 64 plots of land in the PJ locality.

The house is four years old. The owner bought the vacant bungalow land and had two architects help him design the place. His brief was simple: bring in lots of light, cross ventilation and give it an ageless dimension.

Combining this request with other more visually visible elements, the wow! Factor hits the visitor the moment he enters the living area.

The living and the adjacent dining area are awash in sunlight from all directions. A series of glass and resak timber windows from floor to ceiling frame the long turquoise pool. And on both sides of the pool, the landscape architect cleverly combined palms and a variety of large greens in varying heights and proportions. All this is against the backdrop of the Seri Selangor golf course.

Airy and cheerily lit, the picturesque atmosphere is evident throughout the ground floor of this home, built in the shape of a letter reversed 'L' with the pool running the entire length of the longer portion of the house.

The living room occupies the shorter stem, while the casual dining area and games room fit snugly

into the longer stem. That afternoon, the children were studying in the dining room. Its folding glass and timber doors open out to the pool is accompanied by an abundance of light and a slight breeze.

"Most of our meals are served here. It is pleasant enough," says the hostess. The games room is just beyond the casual dining area, with a lovely view of the garden and the Seri Selangor golf course.

When entertaining, and they do a lot of this, the centre of activity moves to a more formal dining area, located at the corner of the letter L

With its abundance of windows and doors, the pool and the outdoors are the focal point. "While you use the main entrance into the living area, there is also a garden entrance to the house. Here, the visitors move from the garden to the pool and into the house while a third entrance moves from the car porch direct to the wet kitchen area and into the house. This is more utilitarian," says the owner.

The main entrance via the glass foyer forks at a certain point. While one leads to the main house, a

shorter route takes one to the guest room with a bathroom adjacent to it.

"Sometimes, we also have guests staying in. So we have made the guest room with its own private

garden and bathroom. This gives our guests a lot of privacy. They have access to the house and the

pool but are away from the main structure and the timber glass door open to a private garden which only they would have access."

Three of the family's private rooms are on the first floor. The master bedroom with an attached master lounge and walk-in wardrobe and bathroom occupy about half of the first floor with a balcony opening out to the golf course and garden below.

A sturdy spiral flight of stairs, more of a functional showpiece than a utilitarian one, takes one to the room in the attic. Made of thick resak timber, it resembles a Lego block which spirals upwards.

The atmosphere on the first floor lounge is cosy with its massive hardwood table.

"We imported the table from Indonesia. My husband liked it because the tabletop is one single piece with no joints. To create the same effect, we custom-made a longish-looking day bed to complete the letter L," says the owner.

Most of the furnishings in the house are custom-made. The same goes for the formal glass and timber dining table that seats 12 comfortably. There is a lot of charm in the place, created in part by the custom-made furnishings and lighting.

Specially-made lights in ancient birdcage motifs hang over the formal dining area, each painted in a deliberate distressed finish that succeeds in making them look decades old.

A view of the house from one end of the pool with palms on one side and other ornamental plants on the other side. At the end of the pool is the living area while the games rooms looks out to pool and back garden. The master bedroom is right on top overlooking pool and golf course.

The formal dining area from the first floor. Notice the bird cage lighting which hangs down. Solid yellow balau stairs to the first floor.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bathroom Decoration

Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Kohler Wisconsin, Kohler Co. is one of the America's oldest and largest privately held companies, Throughout its 133-year history, Kohler Co. has remained true to the founding vision of defining the frontiers of ideas, craftsmanship and technology. Kohler a worldwide leader in plumbing products, has led the way in product design with a commitment to quality over a broad range of price points.

What style are you trying to capture? Classic, minimalist, elegant? Kohler encourages you to explore design themes to their fullest with an extensive offering of bath design solutions in a myriad of colours, finishes and materials. Ensure a coordinated look with the complementary styling of KOHLER~ suites and collections. Express your creative side and create your own distinctive look by mixing and matching styles and colours.

The innovative thinking that brings you unparalleled water experiences like the sok overflowing bath or the Purist wet surface basin is equally inventive when it comes to designing tapware, toilets and whirlpools, You will find exclusive KOHLER innovative designs created for our premier offerings applied to even our most fundamental.

Colour & Finish
Colours and finishes lead the way in creating the distinctive mood of a room, At Kohler, we have succeeded in producing colours that transcend the typical by reflecting the beauty found in nature, colours that captivate and please even the most discerning eye. Timeless, classic and expressive, KOHLER colours and finishes heighten the surfaces, materials and design lines in your bathroom. What could more beautifully capture your spirit in the spaces that are most important to you?

Kohler offers a wide variety of premium materials such as KOHLER Cast iron, vitreous china, brass, fireclay, stainless steel, fiberglass, acrylic and more.

The Bold Look of KOHLER has become a powerful symbol of our values, The KOHLER brand carries with it a longstanding tradition of adhering to a single level of quality in everything we do. Kohler provides well designed, reliable product that enhances your lifestyle, is attainable and is easy to live with.

KOHLER suites and ensembles bring continuity to any decor with design themes that range from traditional to contemporary. Sharing complementary design feature throughout bath and powder rooms, each suite and ensemble simplifies stylistic interpretation.

Escale Suite
Conceived from the form of a sail in the wind and Japanese ceramic tableware design, the Escale Suite takes you on journey of style to create a clean new look for your bathroom. A timeless classic, Escale combines flexibility with highly distinctive design.

Freelance Suite
A collection of complementary and harmonious elements based on coral atolls, the Freelance Suite offers modern shapes with smooth curved lines, in a variety of sizes. A refreshingly clean, contemporary design in a host of fitting options.


With our wide range of co-ordination bathroom tapware, there is something to suit every taste and function. We have iconic individual pieces such as Laminar to create an impact, or Falling Water for distinctive contemporary flair and an exciting range of traditional and European styled tapware for unrivaled choice, Each range is carefully designed to works as a family, making it easy to find the products you need and to achieve exactly the look you want. Through these ranges, you will find Kohler exceeds expectations again with what are truly, works of art.

(Left)Memoirs 454K-4V-CP basin set in Polished Chrome.
(Right)Fairfax tall 12183K-CP basin set in Polished Chrome.

Kohler basins co-ordinate from with function. Striking shapes complement gracious living in a fusion of elegant lines and simple curves. The bathroom is your private retreat. It becomes your place of relaxation and personalised style - your sanctuary . KOHLER basins provide a unique focal point for this sanctuar, creatingan overall vision of inspired, luxurious expressions.

(Left)Serif 2075K-8-47 self-rimming basin in Almond
(Right)Vessels Conical Bell 2200-V4 in Cobalt Blue

KOHLER toilet offer a variety of styles and configurations to meet specific residential and commercial demands. A range to cater for considerations of both design and plumbing, from innovative, tankless designs like the Purist Hatbox to clean and minimalist styles like the Escale toilet. Whatever your needs are, KOHLER toilet provide the perfect solution.

(Left) Purist Hatbox 3492K-o toilet in White
(Right) San Raphael 3384K-0 mone piece toilet in white.

Whirlpools & baths

Through controlling the movement and texture of water, Kohler masters the creation of water borne experiences. What could be more luxuriant than feeling your cares float away or the pure enjoyment of an invigorating whirlpool spa bath. When water is sculpted and refined into an experiences that truly transports you. When bathing becomes pure luxury, the bathing ritual is reinvented. This is KOHLER.

(Left) Serif 1337K-0 drop in bubblemassage bath in white.
(Right) Presqu'ile 16222K-R-O freestanding whirlpool in white with shelf and towel on right.