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Friday, April 27, 2007

Time For A Makeover

A customer trying out colours from the Nippon Paint range on a disposable board given at the Homedec exhibition last year.

Give your home a new coat of paint with Nippon's choice of stunning colour

MANY of us would like to give our homes a new lease of life with a new coat of paint.

Visitor at the Nippon Paint booth at Homedec will enjoy three main activities to occupy the creative minds of the whole family!

There will br interactive play between customer, colours and product. In addition to that, customers will have packages to select from; they can also ake their time on the colour-tinting machine!

Customers get to try out different Nippon paint colours by squeezing handy plastic tubes onto stout individual boards! And when you're there, don't forget to check out the Nippon Odour-less, Nippon Weatherbond, Nippon Satin Glo, Nippon Timberfinish and so manu others to cater to your needs!

When you come to the Homedec exhibition, just surveying the surroundings at Nippon Paint booth gives you a few sets of schemes to play around with.

With 3,000 over colours, it is almost guaranteed that all customer will go home with many ideas as to how their homes will look like after a refreshing 'makeover'!

To enhance its customers' convenience, Nippon Paint will be selling Colour-My-HomeSchemer 3-D software to customers at a temporary discounted price of just RM29.90, only at the exhibition!

Its usual price is RM49.90, but that's not the end of it ... RM15 vouchers will be given out so that will be very timely indeed for those who might want to redeem the vouchers on Nippon Paint products they've already had an eye on!

Interior designers will also be there at the Homedec exhibition, mainly to give advice specifically geared towards the suitable types of colour concepts for your living space. On top of that, a 10% discount will be given to you upon registration at the exhibition.

The Nippon Paint people are also very considerate, offering painting packages for all its customers at the exhibition.

The reason is simple, cans of paint tend to be purchased, brought home and left forgotten in a corner of the house.

One-litre cans of Nippon Odour-less paint will be given away every hours throughout the four days of the Homedec exhibition.

There will be a total of 180 cans to be given out you and others at the exhibition!

Nippon Paint will be at the Homedec Exhibition from 10am to 8pm.

Some refreshing ideas for your bathroom (left) and your living room (right).


All You Need Under One Roof

XAM-Max Enterprise Sdn.Bhd is a one-stop service amd household consultation centre that supplies a comprehensive range of kitchen appliances and bathromm fixtures. You can find the latest kitchen appliances which include ovens, microwaves, cooker hoods, hobs, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and sinks showcased by some of the top brand names, such as Teka, Fagor, Pacific, Tekini, Sakura and Rinnai.

As for bathrooms, a wide range of fixtures from reputable brands like Johnson Suisse, Grohe, Rubine, Joven Delta and Grundfor provide you with the latest designs for basins, shower heads, water heaters, faucets, toilet seats and bathroom mirrors.

They are currently running a special promosion for hood, hobs and oven where at least 10 packages are sold at low prices.

In additional, customers get to enjoy the 'purchase with purchase' offer.

It simply means that for every purchase of one of the packages, you are entitled to buy any one of the selected item (up to RM500) at only RM1 (while stocks last)

Free gifts are also given for every purchase of these packages. They provide free delivery and installation. Promosion run for four days, from April 26 - 29.


Sleep Better On A DPC

DPC HealthPlus Mattress revolutionises mattress design to support your spine and give you better sleep every night.
SLEEPING well affects body and your productivity at work. Thus it is very important to find the right mattress that's suitable for you.

DPC strictly conforms to the highest quality controls to offer you a healthy mattress.

DPC HealthPlus Mattress is a new revolution design that support your spine and enable you to sleep comfortably. The extra plus top layer enhances the soft feeling, whereas the tufting system gives an overall firmness and a longer lifespan.

You can now purchase a promotion package consisting of DPC HealthPlus queen set mattress with Bycast Headboard and Divan at only RM1,998! One FREE unit 100% cotton MiteFree Mattress Protector will also be given during the promotion.

You're welcome to visit any furniture outlet that carries the DPC brand or at Homedec 07 exhibition.


Fujioh Hoods Reduce Cleaning Time

BEAUTIFUL kitchen are becoming a part of our lifestyle. While cooking dishes may seem simple, the arduous task of having to clean up oily kitchens is often a nightmare.

Advantage Resource Sdn.Bhd (ARSB), the sole distributor for Fujioh cooking products in Malaysia, has the ultimate solution to this problem.

Its Fujioh Oil-Tech cooker hoods has an enviable efficient oil-filtration system that helps lessen clesning time.

All Fujioh cooker hoods sold by ARSB have passed the stringent test under laboratory conditions (according to the Japan Better Living Standard's Test Report No.G153115/AW1) conducted by the Public Safety Board of Singapore. No other cooker hood brand have passed this 10-hours grease removal test that comprised three important criterias:

  • Able to have a minimum of 50% oil filtration
  • Must not have any oil-drip onto the cooker top
  • Noise level must be below 55 decibels (db)

Thus, the Fujioh Oil-Tech cooker hoods are found to be very efficient, capable of capturing up to 96% of oil and fumes and condensing it in the oil tray.

All Fujioh Oil-Tech cooker hoods come with a three-year warranty and have a life span of 10 years.

A brand new model - FX900V will be introduced during the fortcoming Homedec 07 (booth No.2001-2004, Hall 2)

FX900V, a slim design elegantly wrapped in 80% stainless steel, has an efficiently of more than 80%.

Fujioh Oil - Tech cooker hoods are found to be very efficient, capable of capturing up to 96% of oil and fumes.


Enjoy Your Own Sauna At Home

SAUNA HOLM Sdn.Bhd has good news for those who like an occasional pamper in their private sauna. Sauna Holm will be at Homedec to display their Sauna Holm Infrared Sauna at a fantastic discount!

The only Malaysia manufacturer that uses A-grade Scandinavian pine from Finland, Sauna Holm is also proud to export its Infrared Sauna to other countries like China.

Far Infrared Sauna gives out a soft, yet deep penetrating heat that will effectively help soothe pains. Far Infrared has the ability to send oxygen-rich blood to the areas that the body lacks; so that recovery for these pains will be speeded up.

The Infrared Sauna also rejuvenate your tissues and revitalise the metabolism of your cells to reduce cellulite and the calories that can alter your weight and shape.

The Infrared Sauna is available at a discounted price of RM4,800 for the four-day duration of the Homedec exhibition.
Experience soothing comfort in your very own Infrared Sauna.


Innovative Italian Kitchen

You may be big fan of Pininfarina, the world renowned Ferrari car designer. But do you know that he also designed the best kitchen in Italy?

Joining forces with Snaidero since the early 90s, Pininfarina has intelligently combined his innovative car - making skills into expressive kitchen found in homes of the rich and famous.

Among its range of acclaimed kitchen products include the Ola, Viva and iden series, as well as the most amazing models yet - the Acropolis and Venus.

The Museum of Architecture and "Anthenaeum" of Chicago conferred Snaidero's Venus the "Good Design" Award for 2006.

Venus is the sixth award installation by Snaidero, which has received the prestigious award since 1996, after Ola, Idea and Acropolis by Pininfarina, as well as Time and Skylight by Lucci Orlandini.

Snaidero's tastefully done kitchens come with a 10-year warranty.

To get a feel of these designer kitchens, visit HLS Furnishing Sdn Bhd (next to the Kelana Jaya Seafood Centre in P.J) today!
Snaidero- the epitome of futuristic kitchen design.


Elegant Italian Creations

TVS presents an exciting range of high quality cookware and its design will inspire your cretivity in the kitchen.

The TVS cookware collection - Esprit,
LadyPlus nd Platino - will dazzle you

From Michaelangelo to Giorgio Armani, Italians have always ruled the world of creativity, design and innovation.

Introducing the latest Italian name in high quality cookware - TVS.

TVS has been around for over 30 years and has become one of the leading brands of kitchenware in Europe.

Today, more than 18 million pieces are produced every year and make their way to 55 countries throughout the world.

Malaysians will be able to appreciate the three unique TVS collections - Esprit, LadyPlus and Platino. Every collection has a wide range of cookware shapes and sizes to complement a particular cooking style.

TVS Esprit feature modern design on its quality non-stick aluminium pans. Esprit multi-coloured designs are perfect for brightening a kitchen and a great gift idea.

The exclusive LadyPlus by Giugiaro Design is a safety-orientated non-stick cookware collection - with ergonomic handles that provide better protection for hands, grooves on the interior bottom and a drip-proof lip.

Cooking is healthier and faster with LadyPlus, thanks to the Performance of Teflon Classic non-stick coating.

Platino is a range of advanced cookware with elevated technological and aesthetic content and is for sophisticated consumers who demand beauty, style and does not compromise on quality.

With its high quality non-stick, scratch resistant and anti-abrasion coating, Platino cookware is created to last.

This is made possible with the triple layer of revolutionary Teflon Platinum that has a high resistant anti-scratch and anti-abrasion coating produced by DuPont.

All three TVS collections will be featured during Homedec at booths number 4453,4454,4455 and 4456. TVS is also available at major department stores in the Klang Valley.


Great Looking Roofs

DE Skylight prides itself in its great after-sales and maintenance services

DE Skylight Roofing is proud to bring you the best in polycarbonate skylight roofing. But that's not all! DE Skylight takes a step further bu offering what customer value the most: after-sales and maintenance services.

All DE Skylight roofs are guaranteed to remain free from defects up to 12 months from the installation date. If you traced certain blemishes on you roof such as a rusty spot, DE Skylight will provide the necessary touch-up to make your roof look brand new again, at charge*.

DE Skylight offers free consultation and will advise customers on the different designs and materials that suit your home and your budget. Customers cal also opt for the Balinese-style wooden pergola roofing. Made out chengal and resak, this style can be installed in the garden, car-porch and balcony.

As the structure is made out of solid wood, it can last for over 10 year.

When you sig up with DE Skylight (booths 5588 & 5590 - Hall 5) at the Homedec, you will received a generous RM300 rebate and RM90 worth of gifts while stocks last.

DE Skylight Roofing's majoring business is in the design, fabrication, supply and installation of polycarbonate Skylight at the best customized value.

Made out of solid wood, this Balinese-style pergola roofing can last for over 10 years.


Be The Boss

Filter out those unwanted particles in your water

THESE day, water filters are becoming an essential feature in our lives.

Water Boss, a leading point of entry water filtration system company, has developed a brand name " Filter First" that is manufactured in the USA and supported by 40 years of water filtration experience.

The Filter First " Pro Series" uses quality components that are developed with state-of-the art technology. Filter First "Pro Series" vessels are made of fibreglass reinforced polymer (FRP) and comes with a 10-year warranty. There is also zero transparency on pressure vessel, which inhibits growth of algae and fungus.

Filter First "Pro Series" vessels are constructed with Vacumm Moulding Process Technology (VMP), which provides superior strength and durability to withstand high operating pressure and resist heat.

The Filter First "Pro Series" is fully certified by NSF, FDA, ISO and other agency standards.

Filter First "Pro Series" uses filter grade 0.3mm sand to trap dirt in the first level of filtration before entering your home. The 0.3mm sand water is sufficiently clean for laundry, cleaning and bathroom usage.

Water Boss won the "Excellent Services Quality" award at the 5th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2006.

In conjunction wit h Homedec, water Boss is having a special promotion for the Filter First Pro Series.

Enjoy a RM200 rebate when you buy the Filter First Pro Series, and get a coffee maker worth RM199.

The price include standard installation and tank wash services worth RM150.

Customer will also get a 30% discount on a second purchase of the indoor system.

The Water Boss Backwash process as demonstrated in the picture.


Maximum Treats

Meet up with Eric Leong, widely known as 'Malaysia's Most Favourite Designer' at Maxima's booth during the Homedec 07 exhibition.

Head over to Maxima booths for great wardrobe promotions

DUE to overwhelming response from customers, the Price Cut-Down promotion by Maxima, the leader in intelligent built-in wardrobes for treandy lifestyle, is back!

Those currently looking for innovative and luxurious wardrobes that won't cost a fortune should go visit Maxima's booths (no.4423&4425) for a wide range of wardrobes to suit all your storage and bedroom needs.

And don't miss the opportunity to grab the best price for seleted models priced from RM2,777. You can also catch-up with Eric Leong, one of the most sought after interior designers, during his autograph session at Maxima's booth on April 28 from 3.45pm to 4.45pm.

Visitor to Maxima's booths also stand a chance to win a wardrobe set- by just answering a question via SMS. The answer can be found at the booth. All correct entries are entitled to a lucky draw on May 6 (3pm) at MAxima's Puchong Branch located at 1-1, Jalan Puteri 1/6, Bandar Puteri Puchongv (behind Citibank).

The questions is : What is the floor colour of MAxima's booths in Homedec' 07? Grey or Orange.

SMS format : BC MAX (answer Name IC Address). Send to : 36399. SMS must be sent before April 30.

(Note: Every SMS received will be charged RM0.30. Term & conditions apply. Services is powered by Global Surf Sdn.Bhd)

The first prize is a 1.8m Glass Door Wardrobe, RM3,477 while the second prize is a 1.8m Wooden Door Wardrobe (RM2,777) and the third prize od a 1.8m 'Lily' Wardrobe (RM2,577).

As an appreciation for your support, every Ringgit spent at Maxima will entitle you to a Redemption Programme, which will expire on Dec 31. A wide range of fabulous gifts awaits!

You may also top-up your accumulated points when you introduce Maxima to your friend*. (Introducers have to be Maxima's new or existing customers.)

Answer a simple question via SMS and you stand a chance to win a wardrobe set from Maxima.


Top Choice

The Balinese Pergola style is in hot demand nowadays.

Delux can satisfyall your roofing needs

ARE you planning to intall a polycarbonate skylight roof but just don't know where to begin? Why not look to Delux Structural Works because they can satify all your roofing needs.

Delux Structure Works is a contemporary designer and manufacturer of polycarbonate skylight roof with over 10 years of experience.

Delux has introduced a wide range of polycarbonate skylight structures to suit different preferences and are available in different structures such as mild steel, galvanize steel, wrought iron, stainless steel and wood structure.

Furthermore, Delux has launched a new range of polycarbonate sheets that will provide 30% - 50% more heat reduction than the normal polycarbonate.

If you prefer your roof to have a Balinese feel, Delux has it too! The Balinese Pergola style is one of the popular trends at present, as it uses solid tropical chengal and resak wood. Delux Structure Works also Provide its customer with a one year warranty.

Delux Structure Works will be showcasing their products at booth number:4403-4408. Free gifts will be given away to customers upon registration at Homedec 2007. A showcase is currently available in Giant Hypermarket, Shah Alam until April 30.

Interested individuals can also view Delux's samples at these following locations: Jusco Home Centre in One Utama Shopping Centre, PJ (old wing); IOI Mall Showroom, Puchong (next to Reject Shop) and Giant Hypermarket, Puchong.

Delux has launched a new range of polycarbonate sheets that will provide 30%-50% more heat reduction than the normal polycarbonate.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cooking Is A Breeze With The Talking Hob

ESTABLISHED in 1920, Rinnai is today one of Japan's largest manufacturer of gas appliances.

Rinnai generated five million unit sales for kitchen appliances worldwide , 2.5 million unit sales for water heaters, 600,000 unit sales for heater and 250,000 unit sales for commercial products.

Currently, Rinnai is launching a range of new products such as the smart speaking built-in hob (RSK-S78W5GA13AX), built in hob with hood (RBG-RN71W5GD1AX2) and the powerful dishwasher (RKW-600 and RKW-457) with multi-functions.

Rinnai's three burners and one grill are just solution to all your cooking needs. It gives you better flame control and a higher heat efficiency compared to normal burners.

With voice guide functions, cooking will be a breeze. This function is only available with Rinnai. You no longer have to worry about maintenance as the sealed burners prevent ant food from dropping into them.

The hobs come with a special Schott glass that can withstand heat and is easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe it with a damp cloth.

There will be special prices offered during this exhibition and customer are welcome to check out the electric ovens, built-in hobs, cooker hoods, table top cookers, clothes dryers and water heaters.

You will also get a steam cooker free with every purchase of the special package (while stocks last).


Cleaner Air For Your Home

York's Caire 1000 removes harmful chemical gases & odours

ACCORDING to the World Health Association, indoor air quality problems affects 30% of public buildings. Contaminants such as fungi, dust, bacteria, tobacco smoke and ozone can be found in a typical room.

All there contaminants can cause sickness such as inflammation around the eye, dry throat, snivelling, headache and tiredness.

York, together with its sister company, American Air Filter (AAF), has successfully brought technology in industrial and commercial filtration, which requires stringent and higher standards, for household use.

York's Caire 1000 is the result of 80 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of air filtration. If feature six filtration layers consisting of a pre-filters, gas phase air filter (activated carbon & potassium permanganate blend), HEPA filter, UV light, photo-catalyst and ioniser.

With the blend media gas phase air filter, Caire 1000 is capable for removing harmful chemical gasses and odours that can cause adverse effects to the human body.

Blend media (Potassium Permanganate & Activated Carbon Blend) is more superior than pure activated carbon has phase air and has the widest range of gas contaminant removal and best overall remove effect.

The HEPA(high efficiency particulate air) filter is able to remove 99.99% of particulates at 0.3micron (human hair is ~ 59micron thick). Unlike normal HEPA filters in the market, the HEPA filter is coated with INTERSEPT, a chemical that can prevent micro-organism growth, to further enhance its capability.

UV ligh and photo-catalyst further enhance the air cleaning effect. UV light complements HEPA filters to produce the best bacteria killing effect and acts as a catalyst to activate the photo-catalyst which kills bacteria and deodorises the air.

An ioniser is used to generate 3~6 million ion/cm3 of air coming out from York's Caire 1000. The ions can neutralise excessive charges on body, refresh the air and remove dust.

York's Caire 1000 removes contaminants in the air and has an air pollution indication system to indicate air pollution levels.


Simply Unique

THE main function of a whole-house automatic filters is to remove suspended solids that can make water appear dirty.

The Kinetico Para-Flo Automatic Backwashing Filters offers a unique feature that incorporate the following benefit :
  • Non-Electric Operation - Kinetico Para-Flo system function wihout using electricity.
  • Twin Tank Design - Feature two filtration tanks that provide filtered water, 24 hours a day even during backwash.
  • Demand Backwash - Kinetico system measure the water use and backwash only when necessary.
  • Counter-current Backwashing - A Kinetico Backwashing Filter cleans itself more efficiently by reversing the flow of water through the system during backwash.


Lumber Mart The Preferres Choice

AS we step into a home, the first point of contract we make is the floor. With timber flooring, your floors are comfortable, safe, durable and easy to maintain.

There are four main methods of timber flooring installation.

The Direct on Screed Method, which fasten timber directly onto the floor and nailing it from the material.

The Plywood Method requires timber to be fasten onto wooden plank and nailed from the side commonly known as "secret nailing".

Thirs is the Cement Board Method, which is similar to the plywood method but pricier.

However, all these three mothods have numerous disadvantages, as some are susceptible to termites.

Lumber Mart deploys the most advance and preferred methods called the Ventilated Batten System and the Insulated Batten System. Both offer the ultimate protection in termite resistance and minimising moisture spreading.

Also, an exclusive tie-up with Bona, the revolutionary Swedish company that provides total solution to wooden flooring treatment, assures you of the high quality and stunning finish to your timber flooring.

With Lumber Mart timber flooring, you get permanently fixed timber flooring that does not squeak, comfortable and perfectly even.

No danger of termites, does not promote moisture spreading, is decay resistant and more importantly, does not break your budget!


Uncompromised Quality

Delectable options for your kitchen.

WITH over 80 years of experience, Teka Kuchentechnik (M) Sdn.Bhd is a leading home appliance brand for built-ins.

With nine heating combinations, Teka ovens are durable and user-friendly. They come in classic white or brown and even have modern styled finishes in stainless steel. The chioce of designs. colours and materials make each oven a gem in the kitchen.

The Teka cooker hood, having won several notable design awards, is exquisitely designed with numerous options befitting modern kitchens of today.

The Teka hob is the perfect companion to the hood. Infused with touch control, the hobs allow cooking time to be programmed digitally. An automatic switch off, intergrated residual heat indicators and a total security blocking make it doubly safe!

Another dream appliance is the Teka microwave oven. They are fully integrated and well protected in the top part of the inner cavity, making it much safer than ovens that use traditional electric elements. To top it off, Teka ovens are ingeniously designed for hassle-free cleaning too!

Claiming to be 100% CFC free, Teka's refrigerators utilise Butane Refrigerant Gas R600 that actually help preserve the ozone layer, reduce noise and improve its overall lifespan.

Teka taps and fiftting have all the requisites to function to perfection. Similarly, Teka sinks are substantial, comfortable to use, resistant and they look great.

Teka dishwashers are silent, fast and saves water and energy. A companion piece to it is the Teka waste disposal system. The system disinfects itself while efficiently eliminating organic waste, germs and bad odours.

Completing the range is the Teka washing machine that contains top-of-the-line wash and dry functions, spin and half-load selection, plus a crease-care and cnsidensation-drying programme. Power controls provide greater efficiency.

Environmentally friendly, Teka Bathroom Mixers saves energy and water using temperature and adjustable flow limiters.

The Universe Shower System features a variety of fixtures that's easy to clean, saves water and offers much flexibility.

The Elegante Water Heater stands out with a fully digital temperature control system that features an LCD display. Elegante brings luxury into the bathroom in looks and function.

Last but not least, the Teka Shower Collection has an anti-scale technology and optional automatic flow control valves make it an elegant and practical!!

Fresh bathroom ideas


MORI's Latest Hit

MORI Engineered Hardwood Flooring employs the unique Japanese CrossGain technology to yield superior strength and stability.

The warm yet elegant Myrtlewood

It is a well-known fact that engineered hardwood flooring is more stable than other types of wood or wood-based flooring.

The dimensional stability in engineered hardwood flooring renders any wood speciesto be easily installed almost anywhere, under any climate.

At MORI Engineered Hardwood Flooring, this is achieved by employing the unique CrossGrain technology, which yields superior strength and stability.

A lesser-known fact is that due to greater efficiency in wood utilisation, certain species, which is traditionally impractical for flooring purpose, may now be used for engineered hardwood flooring.

Introducing the latest flooring option from MORI Engineered Hardwood Flooring - Myrtlewood - a valuable hardwood species that originates from Americal, characterised by its fine yet velvety graining, with a general soft red tone marked by the occasional gentle streaks of cream, honey, purple o even the rare muted green and grey tan shades.

Myrtlewood exudes a warm yet quiet elegance to the surrounding space - you will like it.

View MORI Engineered Hardwood Flooring's latest flooring option, the Myrtlewood, at the Homedec Exhibition at the KL Convention Centre.

There will also be other selected hardwoods offered at very attractive prices during the exhibition.


The Hassle-Free Water Dispenser

RUNNING out of water dispenser refills in the office can be a chore. Not only are they heavy to lug around, they are expensive to maintain.

With uniqNESH, all you need is a simple pipe-in to start enjoying healthy NESH Life Water.

UniqNESH gives you more than just regular refills. With its integrated NESH Life Water Filtration System, this dispenser provides Life Water that is anti-bacterial, odourless, chemical and chlorine free.

Through the 4312 System, NESH Life Water's four unique characteristics - Cleansed, Vitalised, Sterilised and Health-Enhancing is created through the special three-filter system to produce 12 levels og highly effective water filtration.

With HOT and NESH Life Water options, having uniqNESH means you will never need to boil water or refill the shared thermos ever again in the office. With the flick of a switch, enjoy your favourite brew in less than a seconds.

Maintenance is a breeze because you only need to change its lightweight filter cartridges no more than once a year.


A Real Sucker

Tiscali's innocative and stylish hood

TISCALI is proud to introduce the only cooker hood in the market with twice motors and angle-liked wings for heavy-duty. Kitchen users in Malaysia!

The new motors cooker hood, A8, with its powerful Amida motor is engineered to produce a combined suction power of up to 1800m3/hr (max) and 1160m3/hr (min)!

Each motor with a power input of 200w is able to produce a maximum suction power of 900m3/hr and a minimum of 580m3/hr!

Most importantly, A8 with its eagle wings-like design, also helps enlarge the suction coverage area by 50% compared to normal chimney hoods, or 80% compared to slim hoods.

Don't miss the opportunity to drive home a Myvi and win other prizes for every RM3 spent at Tiscali outlets in Klang Valley from Jan 30 to April 29.


Five-Star Treatment

Fotile's latest Five Nozzles Drive gas hob series eliminates many common problems you face everyday.

The latest five-nozzle gas hobs from Fotile

Not getting the most out of your current gas hob? Does the inconsistent flickering of flame bother you?

Fotile is proud to present the Fotile Five Nozzles Drive gas hob series.

Made of five nozzles and five burning chambers, the design in created to eliminate the instability in burning - similar to an "auto-geared" car, the Five Nozzles Drive gas hob series adjusts air intake automatically to cope with changes in gas pressure to ensure consistancy in gas consumption, imperative in reducing the release of harmful gasses.

With five nozzles, Fotile's latest gas hob boasts greater precision in its gas injection with a more evenly distributed flame, compared to the typical gas hob that only has two nozzles.

Its Removable Washing Cup eases cleaning as it eliminates the trouble of taking out the entire burner to clean the inner parts.

The Five Nozzles Drive gas hob's patented safety Ignition Pin is another great feature that makes it different from other hobs.

The pin acts as an "Umbrella" to shield the igniter from dirt deposits, while the additional pin's strategic position helps improve the ignitor's contact, giving you faster and more accurate ignitions.

Lastly, the Soft Tone Reminder will alert users when the battery of the ignitor runs low.

If you are interested to know more about their amazing gas hobs, give them a visit at Hall 2, booth no.2169 to 2174.


Slim And Sleek

The S-Series range of heaters from Alpha comes in seven colours.

A host of safety features with Alpha's colourful heaters

The S-Series heater from Alpha is one of the slimmest in the market at only 68mm. The heater now comes with a booster pump (S200EP) for better flow rate.

Alpha is constantly finding new ways to innovate its products. For instance, the sleek lines inspired by European design in the S-Series will impress even the most discerning users. In addition, there is a range of safety features plus a delightful range of seven colours to match your bathroom decor.

If you like it bold with a tinge of space-age feel, the black panelled metallic silver/white design is the way to go. If you prefer cheerful yet elegant, then the floral motif panels in pastel or metallic finishes is the perfect choice.

Alpha has won pretigious awards and accreditations in 2006 for the S100 series (S100E), namely the Industry Excellence Awards 2006 Brand Excellence Award from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the Good Design Mark 2006 from the Malaysia Good Design Council.

Alpha also offers a range of ceiling fans.

Visit the Alpha booth at No.1120-1129(HAll 1) at the K.L Convention Centre from April 26 to 29.
Alpha's unique Tiffany fan.


Stylishly Practical

You'll get more than a wardrobe at Sliderdrobe

AWARDBROBE should work for everyone. It's more than just a space to keep your stuff. Wardrobes must encapsulate style and function, in addition to providing functional solutions our lifestyles.

Choosing the right wardrobe can ba a little time consuming. So, Whether you're replacing an old wardrobe or redecorating your kid's room, take your time and plan it well.

A sense of stylishness
A wardrobe can surprisingly give your room a more relaxed and organised environment for you and your family. You'll be surprised how a stylish yet practical wardrobe makes a difference in your home.

Built-in or freestanding?
Built-in means exactly what it says - built in to your bedroom wall. Ideally, you should look for a built-in wardrobe if you're pushed for space. Freestanding units, on the other hand, are more economical. Usually, you can use them to create individual standalone wardrobes or team them with any bedroom ranges to create a more sophisticated look.

Into the wardrobe
The idea of having a walk-in wardrobe works wonderfully to create an impact in your bedroom, while ensuring space comfortable enough for the use of the whole faily. This design evokes a style of its own, creating clever storage areas to solve messy build-ups.

Cool accessories
With years of gradual evolvements, wardrobes have been transformed into compressed storage solutions through the implementation of smart internal accessories. These accessories let you create seamless storage space by filling in single gaps in your wardrobe. Use these cool accessories as the finishing touch for your wardrobe and expect to be flattered by your other half.

Dressing up
Mirrors are usually fitted to the interior or exterior of the doors for convenience when you dress up. Nevertheless, with a pullout versatile mirror, you can have them positioned at any angle.


Have A Splash At Home

Desjoyaux provides pools that suits your lifestyle and environment

Having a swimming pool can certainly add fun to your home. But many are deterred from building a pool due to maintenance problems and poor after-salesm services.

Fear no more, Desjoyaux is the answer to your woes. What makes Desjoyaux stand out from others?

1.Pool structure : Desjoyaux's patented 'active permanent casing' allows for any size and shape of your pool. The "self support concrete structure" ensures a sturdy pool for years and "reinforced liners" make them waterproof.

2. Filtration system : Revolutionised pipeftree filtration comes with a simplified design that eases intallation, water maintenance and service operations.

3. Fast construction time : Desjoyaux pools could be ready in just two weeks.

4. Optional features : Besides that the turbo jet system for hydrotherapy and cross-current swimming, Desjoyaux also provides all the necessary accessories: inflatables, decorative objects and apparels to compliment your pool.

All swimming pools constructed and installed by Desjoyaux come with a 10-year warranty.

Visit them at the homedec Exhibition. Sign up and stand to receive gifts (Mobilamp at RM510, Square Light at RM750 or an Automatic Robot Clearner at RM3,720). If you're not keen on the gift's, you may opt for a cash discount of RM4,980.

Whatever shape you fancy, Piscines Desjayaux can construc a suitable pool for your home.


Bigger And Better

Four units LCD TV sponsored by LG Electronics to be given to lucky visitors when you visit Homedec. From left : OK Jung, product adviser TV, AV & IT of LG Electronics (M) Sdn.Bhd and Janice Gan, event director of CIS Network Sdn.Bhd, the organiser of Homedec.

This year's event promise more great bargins And fantastic prizes up for grabs

It's back! Homedec 07 (7th HomeDecoration Exhibition) will open its doors tommorow, from April 26 to 29 (10am to 8pm) at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Once again, it's time for homeowners to rediscover and explore todays home lifestyles, interior design themes and the latest trends.

With more than 600 booths and 200 companies in five halls in the Convention Centre, homeowners will be spoilt for choice.

Categories available compraises of Electrical Appliances & Design Home, Window Doors & Glass, Kitchen & Bath, Roofing, Tile & Stone, Bedroom & Wardrobe, Furniture & Furnishing, Curtain & Blinds, Floor and wall, Decorative Item & Lighting, Garden & Landscape, Swimming Pool & Water Filtration, Interior Design Consultants and many others.

Privilege Voucher Icon
The exhibition will feature interesting highlights that will definitely catch the attention of homeowners.

Just before you start touring the exhibition, be sure to grab the Privilege Vouchers at the entrance.

The privilege vouchers are valued at home than RM8,000 in rebates by participating exhibitors. Definitely a cash saver for an array of product range such as Kitchen Appliances & Cabinet, Doors, Window & Roofing, Home Furnishing & Decoration Item, Water Heater & Filtration system, Flooring, Electrical & Home Appliances & Home Security, Bath & Sanitaryware & Sauna, Wardrobe, Outdoor Furniture and Interior Design Services.

Vouchers will be distributed on exhibition days, while stocks last.

Win My Ideal Kitchen Contest
The "My Ideal Kitchen" contest is another contest that will make your visit worthwhile. The total prize amounts stands at over. RM65,000 with the main sponsor - TEKA Kuchentechnik (M) Sdn Bhd giving away the grand prize of RM25,000 worth of product vouchers and Fiamma Trading Sdn Bhd offering the first of an Amana Refrigerator worth more than RM14,000.

Other prizes include LG air-conditioners by LG Electronics Sdn.Bhd, curtains by Bagus Curtain Sdn. Bhd, kitchen products from Rinnai (M) Sdn.Bhd and Fotile Marketing Sdn.Bhd, Alpha Home Appliances Sdn.Bhd, Apex Ceramics City sdn.Bhd, Cantolli Sdn.Bhd, Deltric Art Design Sdn.Bhd, GE Green Sdn Bhd, Kian Classic Design Sdn.Bhd, Maxly Landscape Sd.Bhd, Nippon Paint Sdn.Bhd, Bergo Trend Sdn.Bhd, Tranckimia Sdn.Bhd and New Convox/Jia Studio.

Visitor need only spend a minimum of RM100 in a single receipt to participate.

Visit & Win LCD TV Icon - Daily Giveaway
Another highlight not be missed is the Visit & Win LCD TV, where a 32"LCD TV, sponsored by LG Electronics will be given out daily to visitors during the four-day exhibition.

Colours Gallery Icon
The Colours Gallery is another must visit! Stop by to see the wondeful world of colours with interactive workshops and exciting colour activities being organised by Nippon Paint.

Smart Kitchen Icon
Get inspired with good and functional kitchen designs that will be on display with the Smart Kitchen mock up. Inspire your taste buds with a variety of delicacies prepared by chefs utilising renowned kitchen brands in the workshop. Get a chance interact with the specialist here for pratical tips on designing your dream kitchen.

Interior Design Clinic Icon
The ID (Interior Design) Clinic is back by popular demand. Get your home design and decor consultation by a panel of professional interior designers. Just bring along your home layout plan.

Homedec Seminar Icon
Seminar will be held by renowned interior designeds who will share information on trends and designs for your home. Watch out of Eric Leong on Interior Design Treands 2007, Henry Fong on feng shui, Abdul Rahim Rashid the horticulturist on Garden & Landscape, even a party - Natalie Peterson who will speak on House Warming tips.

Indonesia Pavillion
Give your home a touch of our neighbour's cultural feel and taste. Check out the Indonesian pavilion showcasing some of the best handicrafts, furniture, decorative items and ceramics.

Curtain and Fabric Fashion Show
"Fashionable Curtain Show By Baagus Curtain" will be featured in the Homedec exhibition for the first time.

The shows are on Thursday (April 26 at 11.30am) and Saturday (April 28 at 3pm).

Find out what colours best suit you and your home provided by Nippon Paint's colour consultant at the Colour Gallery.
Grab RM25,000 worth of product vouchers with the 'My Idea Kitchen' contest sponsored by Teka


Home Decoration Exhibition

Home Decoration